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About CSA Academy

CSA Academy is the most experienced and leading financial education platform in Malaysia. We are committed to helping every member to be free from debt to ensure a higher quality of life.

CSA Academy is a financial management academy registered in Malaysia. We work with MIFM (Malaysian Institute of Financial Management - NGO) to guide Malaysians to achieve financial freedom.

Yes. We are very proud that Dato Jalaluddin Hassan is the Official Ambassador of CSA. He will attend CSA Academy events as well.

CSA Academy attaches great importance to the development of Malaysian society. CSA Academy was officially appointed by MIFM (Malaysian Institute of Financial Management - NGO) to hold a special program for Malaysian government employees.

Program & Services

Financial coach monitors and analyzes your financial status to keep it healthy and stable. A good financial coach can help you to plan your financial, create debt free proposal and can also improve your financial profile in the long run.

3 reasons you must equip with finance knowledge :

  1. Avoid being cheated or scammed by any irresponsible body.
  2. Avoid getting caught up in debt problems that burden you for a lifetime.
  3. Improving the economic status of the family and thus improve family overall lifestyle.

You can contact us via email ( or whatsapp Our Financial Coach will assist you with financial proposal after review your profile.

Malaysian citizen aged between 21 to 60, currently working as government servant or in listed companies in East Malaysia.

Your personal information is stored securely in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice. All customer information collected by CSA is passed through a secure server using encryption technology, and protected from unauthorised access by a number of security procedures. CSA will never disclose your information to a third party without your permission.

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